‘Attracting a Specific Amount of Money’

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Let Your Heart & Soul Lead You to Wealth & Success
If you have landed here, then I expect that you have felt the calling for more in your life.
I invite you to lean into this calling and know that you can experience your hearts’ desires. Whether we come together formally or not, know that you are destined for more and that your highest potential is right around the corner.

Ultimate Money Formula Booklet

The 4-Step Formula to uncover your hidden money blocks and to begin magnetizing unlimited steams of income to you today – in full alignment with your soul’s desires.

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Understand the foundational principles to the Ultimate Money Formula and begin taking steps to become electro-magnetic to money and wealth today.

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12 Months of Activating Miracles and Unleashing Your Highest Potential. This physical workbook is filled to the brim with daily insights, inspiration and processes designed to move you into your greatness!


Your Life. Your Choice.

Uncover Your Calling
In this 90 Minute Video Workshop, you will be guided through processes, insights and wisdom which will enable you to uncover your true calling, hone in on your gifts and share them with the world.


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30 Day Wealth Experience Email Class
If you’re not experiencing the money and wealth you desire, it’s simply because there is some aspect of you that is blocking money. Work with Veronica one on one to become magnetic to money.