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What Clients Are Saying

Over the years, I’ve helped many women discover their own success and unleash their inner leader.

“I have been highly honored and blessed to join forces with Veronica as a partner and co-presenter for over 6 years. She brings a level of expertise to everything she does that is 2nd to none.

Veronica has the ability to articulate advanced concepts into bite-sized, easy to implement tools and processes, that allows everyone present, to up-leveling their life, business, growth and success.

This combined with her beautiful gentle spirit, brings about an amazing synergy that softly guides her clients and audiences toward their perfect lifestyle blueprint, enabling them to live the highest versions of themselves.

Veronica is a leader in the realm of combining ancient wisdom with modern research, where she easily infuses her zest for life into the corporate structure to facilitate heart-based leading in an otherwise mentally focused world.

She is calm and gentle in her approach and she has the ability to truly ‘see’ each individual as a unique wellspring of genius and holds the vision of their potential in a beautiful space, which both honors them for where they are, while gently guiding them towards their ultimate expression.

In addition to all of this, Veronica has the ability to understand the energetic framework behind things – reading the energy of situations, businesses, personal interactions – and thus she can clearly hone in on what is influencing their outcomes, which then allows for the opportunity to influence change at the core essence of the circumstance.

She is a brilliant key-note speaker, who enlivens her audience, and everyone walks away with new gems of wisdom that can transform their lives.”

Mary A. Hall

“I did not know what to expect from a Reconnective Healing session and was delighted with the results. I had been suffering from severe adrenal exhaustion and was jittery and edgy with a tension in my throat and chest that would not disappear. Although I did nothing during the session but lie down, while you worked on me from a distance, I was so surprised when the session ended. I felt nurtured, my body was full of calm energy, and my throat and chest were relaxed and free of the anxiety and tension I had been carrying for many weeks. I slept better and felt like I could take fuller, deeper breaths, and still after a week, the results have remained intact. What a wonderful gift the session was and a powerful tool for healing that involved absolutely no work on my part. I love what you do; as mysterious and subtle as energy work may be… it works!! Thank you for helping me unwind and relax and feel more connected with myself again.”


Grass Valley, California

“I have had the pleasure, and I mean pleasure, of working closely with Veronica for ……..years both with larger groups as well as one on one clients. She has got to be one of the more brilliant, classy and potent coaches that I have ever worked with, and I have worked with quite a few.
Her capacity to articulate and deliver even the most difficult of topics is beyond beautiful and graceful.
WARNING!!! Her laughter, expanded heart and energy is very contagious leaving you in awe and desiring more.
I have never known anyone who has bridged consciousness, spirituality and the corporate world with so much flair and fun as Veronica can and does. This makes her very very unique indeed.
If you are looking to create something different, to create more, to be more whether in your business or your personal living….Veronica is your lady!”

Kim Coleman

“You are the most powerful healer I have come across. Thank you for your gift! I felt your work on me last night and for awhile I was feeling fear (for what’s going on in my life) and the whole time my heart kept saying ‘be calm and in it. She’s working it out’. This morning my mind went to some negative dramas and every time it did it kept going back to the positive stuff. Mainly to look inward and find for myself the lessons here for me, my part and how to really listen to myself. You are amazing.”

Sandy P.

Toronto, Canada

“Veronica’s Reconnective Healing session was amazing! She was able to pick up energetically all that I was suffering from. Her distant healing session was so remarkable and accurate. I felt so much better and more energized after her session. I am so grateful for her treatment. The world needs more people like her to help them with their discomforts and disorder. What a gifted healer!”

Debbie Lyn Toomey


“Veronica is one of the most sincere loving heart centered individuals that I feel truly honored and blessed to know. I am very grateful for her presence in my life. It seems no matter what is going on with me, even if she is working with a group, I feel she addresses me directly. She has a wonderful gift and ability to listen, empathize without attachment, hold space while invoking healing from the divine realms.

She is beautifully spoken, articulate, one can just feel the love that genuinely pours forth from her being. I highly recommend Veronica to anyone choosing to expand their consciousness in a gentle, yet profound way which is filled with truth, love, light and beautiful energy. She is a blessing to this planet and to all whose life she touches.”

Georgia Siegner

“Veronica has provided me with a treasure trove of practical tools, exercises and practices. Her insight is remarkable, and she is able to perceive blocks and solutions with amazing clarity, from a space of total non-judgment and love. She holds a high vision that has allowed me to witness and connect with the brilliance and magnificence within myself. Before I found Veronica, I was in a very stuck place in all areas of my life. I have transformed in so many beautiful ways, and my life has moved forward in strides, as a result of Veronica’s coaching. Thank you from the depths of my heart, Veronica!”

Jennifer Walden

B.A., B Ed.

“I was truly blessed to be able to participate in a coaching program with Veronica over a five month period. Veronica was like my guardian angel throughout the entire process. She offered constant guidance and welcome support throughout. I always felt heard and understood by her, knowing that I would be nudged in the right direction whenever I felt lost and uncertain. She truly was my soft place to fall. Her responses to my questions were incredibly insightful and have helped me to see things from a perspective that I had not previously encountered. She has helped me to tap into and trust the deep intuitive guidance existing within myself. I often use the numerous tools that she has suggested on a daily basis and she has opened up a whole new world for me! Her warm and loving touch helped to light my path whenever I was needing clarity along the way. So, I hold her in the highest regard, she definitely practices what she preaches, so I do not hesitate to recommend her as mentor to anyone willing to invest in themselves and in their higher growth.”

Satisfied Client