“Every Process has worked for me!” ~Stevie, Ontario

“I highly recommend Veronica’s programs!” ~Georgia Seigner, Arizona

“I now have work I love coming out of my eyeballs!” ~Julie Egan, Toronto, Canada

EVENT : Pre-recorded Virtual Workshop
LENGTH: 90 Minutes
1. 90 Minute Video Workshop
2. 90 Minute MP3 Recording of the Workshop
3. PDF Handbook includes Principles, Processes & Tools from Workshop
4. 10 Minute Video of the Guided Process “Align with Your Calling”
5. 10 Minute MP3 of the Guided Process “Align with your Calling”



Virtual 90 minute Workshop: $45

How to uncover your true calling, hone in on your gifts and share them with the world.
If you could truly shine with your brilliance and magnificence what would that look like? What work or business might you choose? When you begin to know and align with your greatest expression, your highest potential, you move into an ease in life where a miraculous dance unfolds with synchronicities and blessings otherwise undiscovered. In this 90 minute Video Workshop, I will be sharing with you the tools and processes that has helped me to find my calling in both the corporate world and as an entrepreneur. Get your pen & paper, roll up your sleeves and we will dive in and discover you who really can be. Are you ready to discover you?


Uncovered my Money Blocks & Now Have Love for Money

“If you are considering joining Veronica’s money program, go for it! You will create a new relationship with money and abundance. Veronica is very insightful. She has many tips of wisdom that will change your life and her programs will create an opportunity to attract blessings into your life. Before her program, I was unsure how to attract money and abundance into my life on a consistent and reliable basis. I have now uncovered my money blocks and I am happy to share that I now have an open guilt free love for money. In addition, I now know how to play in the energies to create the outcomes I desire! Veronica’s programs are amazing!”

Loretta Brandolini, Australia

I now have the Spaciousness and Freedom to live a great life

“If you are thinking of signing up for one of Veronica’s programs, Take It! Your life will expand exponentially. You will notice results in every area of your life and often quickly. Her courses offer you all the marvelous tools you will ever need to fulfill your desires. It’s absolutely brilliant information with energies that took me out of unconscious self-imposed boxes offering me spaciousness for more freedom to live a great life. It’s experiential with lots of delicious metaphysical content while being taught with a simple clarity that’s deep and all encompassing. All you need do is use the processes for fantastic results. Best of all, Veronica is a Brilliant and Beautiful Goddess with uncanny abilities to guide you with clarity and extraordinary compassion. She deeply wants you to have everything you desire. She’ll guide you and then go the extra mile to get you there.”

Stevie, Ontario

Went From living paycheck to paycheck to money showing up!

“I definitely recommend Veronica and her approach to anyone who’s serious about living a joy-filled, abundant life. Before joining her program, my husband and I were living paycheck to paycheck. Any extra that came in was used to pay down some medical bills and credit card debt. I had taken courses before but this time something clicked. As we “played in the energy” of wealth, I started to feel good… then little bits of money and then more appeared. Veronica’s willingness to be personally vulnerable with our group and her creativity & perseverance in dealing with her own issues helped us to start welcoming in all parts of ours. I certainly feel more equipped. In fact, just since we started playing in the energy of creation, the focus of my business that had “been on hold” for a while is coming into more clarity as some energizing synchronicities are showing up! This is way more than I had expected to receive from this experience! Veronica is definitely a generous facilitator of transformation, over delivering with heartfelt caring for each of us.”

Katie Chambers

Unexpected Money is Showing up!

“Yesterday I had a $150 invoice that was waived (considered paid) unexpectedly. And then today a family member gifted me with $300! And this is just the beginning. There are so many other amazing ways that money is appearing!”

Elise, Vancouver, Canada

From constant dread to hopefulness and happiness

“If you’re considering signing up for one of Veronica’s programs, Don’t think about it, just do it. Don’t be scared. Have faith that you will be a better person after the class than before. For me, before registering for Veronica’s program, I was living in a constant feeling of overwhelm and dread, a general feeling of being stuck, feeling depressed, and spinning my wheels. What I found was that I wasn’t crazy and that money blocks are real and dangerous. Through the teachings, I realized how blessed I really am. I became grateful, I became HOPEFUL!!! I found that there are so, so, so many ways money can come to me. I learned how to play in energies. I’m feeling happier, lighter and definitely more appreciative. Honestly, it’s been like therapy for me, and in fact, I think it’s actually better. For me, the best thing about the program was Veronica. She has an amazing approach, a great personality, and she really connected with me. She spoke at my level, and that was so important for me. I felt like she got me.”

Felicia M, NY

I won a substantial amount of money

“I was hesitant to sign up for Veronica’s program, due to the fact that I was going through some difficult challenges in my life and felt destitute at the time. I took the leap, and after just a few days, I WON A SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF MONEY!!! AMAZING!! HAHA! Veronica’s program has been a valuable resource for me. gave me a plethora of invaluable tools to utilize in my daily life that go way beyond wealth creation. Her vulnerable honesty allows me to feel very connected with her. I truly appreciate her responsivenss and her continual catering to our needs and requests. Even though it was a financial stretch for me, I am so glad that I signed up for Veronica’s program!!.”

Adam Roberts, TX

New Business is coming to me ‘out of the blue

“I would tell anyone considering registering for Veronica’s programs that if they are serious about making changes regarding their financial situation that her programs will work. Before signing up for Veronica’s program, I had experienced financial problems it seems like all of my life. I had a lot of debt and it seemed like I was on the hamster wheel just trying to keep up and keep my head above water which I was not doing a very good job at. Since joining her program, I can say that I have had some new business show up “out of the blue” which is awesome. I’m so glad I committed to this. I really enjoy Veronica. She is so real, open and vulnerable. I feel like she is a friend because she’s let all of us into her life.”

Nita Baranowski, California

I highly recommend Veronica’s programs

“If you are considering joining one of Veronica’s programs, I highly recommend it. Veronica is so willing to share all of herself with everyone in her programs. She shares her vulnerabilities and her struggles which is so refreshing that she is not this “self-made wealth guru who says do this this this and you will be too!” She shares with heartfelt realism how to have ease, peace and exuberance with money in an open and honest way. Her willingness to be real and open is beyond valuable and so appreciated. And sharing her success and wins too… I believe gives us hope! Veronica’s message brings hope in the depths of hopelessness.”

Georgia Seigner, Arizona

Every Process has worked for me!

“Veronica, every process I have actually used has worked for me!! I can dip and then I soar again with more abundance of me for me. They absolutely work so well. Wow.In fact, I know with all that I am that if anyone truly practices these methods they will have all of their desires fulfilled – and even those things they didn’t know they desired yet.The only way it wouldn’t happen is if they were not available to try.”

Stevie, Ontario

Work is coming out of my eyeballs!

“Since joining Veronica’s program on wealth, I literally have work coming out of my eyeballs! And it is work that I LOVE. Before joining her program, I felt like I was in a drought. Nothing was coming to me and I was frustrated and confused. I am in awe at how it’s pouring in now. This stuff works!”

Julie Egan, Toronto, Canada

I have busted loose from the money game!

“The tools, processes, insights and wisdom that Veronica shares in her programs have busted me loose from the money game. I have been using so many of the tools she shares for many years now because they truly work for me. When unexpected financial challenges arise, I now know exactly what to do to remain calm and be in the energy so that situations work out for the best, which they do! Veronica has an amazing ability to read my energy and make the day’s topic exactly what I need to hear. Her willingness to be vulnerable and share stories from her life gives me courage and determination to handle my own challenges. It feels soooo good to hang out with you, Veronica. I am so grateful for all the many ways you have helped me over the last 7 years.”

Kim McGhee, TX

Thousands of dollars have shown up!

“Veronica’s ultimate wealth program was literally a God send. It was the icing on the cake of over a year spent dedicating my time, thoughts and energy to manifesting prosperity. During the program I had thousands of dollars show up unexpectedly which I was able to use towards paying off debts – my big goal for 2017 has been to be totally debt free. I also manifested a new car and was given many generous gifts and even had a longstanding debt totally forgiven! The biggest takeaway for me was Veronica’s authenticity around her own process which helped me to realize that we all get “stuck” in mind loops that simply need tweaking and a slight energy shift to put us back on the path of abundance consciousness. Veronica has a real gift in helping others achieve financial liberation and empowerment and I would highly recommend her work to anyone seeking to heal and expand their relationship with wealth and money! .”

Elise Jene, Vancover, Canada

A Joyful Relationship with Money & a Clear Vision

“I would highly recommend this program or any other that Veronica might offer! Veronica speaks/teaches in a way that is easy to comprehend and resonates with me deeply. As a result of participating in her Ultimate Money program, I now have a much more joyous relationship with money & have a much clearer vision of the steps to take to create/manifest my desires.”

Sharon Robertson, WA